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15 Times People Have Found Creepy Crawlies In Their Food — So Gross!


It never fails that every time I go out for a nice meal with my cousin, she’s bound to find something in her food.

She’s gotten so used to finding things in her prepared meals that she regularly inspects her food just waiting to find a reason to call over the manager. Me on the other hand, I live by the motto of eat now, ask questions later.

One thing my cousin hasn’t found in her food is bugs of any kind. Unfortunately, these people weren’t so lucky. These 15 people opened their food items with the best intentions only to find something slimy and disgusting setting up shop in their dinner.

1. After discovering these bugs in his cafeteria lunch, I think it’s safe to say he started brown bagging it.

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2. There’s absolutely no way you can ruin chicken tenders for me. Just kidding. This would do it.

3. You had to ruin chocolate for me, didn’t you?

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