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23 Signs You’re Camila From Fifth Harmony


The supreme BO$$.

1. You’re a free spirit known to start vibbin’ whenever and wherever the fuck you like.


2. Your hand eye coordination could use some work.

3. … But like, whatever.


4. You often smell like food.

5. And you completely own the fact you often smell like food.

6. Quite frankly, food is your number one priority in life.

7. You’re true to your identity and you don’t care who knows.

8. You like your men like your fries– on the side.


9. You’re constantly setting ambitious life goals for yourself.


10. You have signature moves that are instantly iconic.


11. If you don’t like something, it’s pretty damn obvious you ain’t feelin’ it.


12. You’re not ashamed of your past.

13. Or afraid to admit your deepest, darkest secrets.


14. You have meme impressions down to a tee.


15. You’re often distracted by the little things in life.


16. You know your talents and you aren’t afraid to show them off.

That clover tongue tho!

17. Your friends can’t ever just #live because you’re a constant distraction.

18. … Which may or may not be the reason you ocassionally find yourself personally victimized.


19. You have an intense thirst waiting to be quenched at all times.


20. You may or may not have jealously issues when it comes to your bae.


21. When you turn up on the dance floor, you turn up HARD.


22. Despite what some people might think, you’re actually way wiser beyond your years.

23. And because of all of this, you’re an absolute BO$$.

Bows and all.

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