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2nd Amendment supporters demonstrate against Colo. gun legislation


The State Affairs committee members begin hearings on #hb1229. #coleg…

— Colorado Senate GOP (@ColoSenGOP) March 4, 2013

Second Amendment defenders gathered in front of Colorado’s state house today to protest impending gun control legislation that threatens to drive at least one firearms manufacturer out of the state. Colorado’s Senate Judiciary committee was scheduled to hear four gun bills, and the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee three House bills.

Inside, Mark Kelly, husband of former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, was among those testifying before the Senate State, Veteran and Military Affairs committee in favor the legislation.

RT @cbs4shaun: Mark Kelly says he and wife Gabby Giffords are moderates and gun owners. As “reasonable Americans” he says “enough”.#COleg

— CBSDenver (@CBSDenver) March 4, 2013

Colorado 2nd amndt supporters overwhelm gun-grabbing activists at capitol today. Left has to ship in Mark Kelly==>…

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) March 4, 2013

@michellemalkin “Liberal states suck. Let’s move to Conservative states and demand they suck, too”. #LiberalsInUHauls

— ChampionCapua (@ChampionCapua) March 4, 2013

Mark Kelly needs to go home and worry about business in his own state. CO doesn’t want, or need his input.

— Debot (@DEBOT21) March 4, 2013

Sen Giron cuts off testimony on the bill & not ONE citizen gets to testify who was not on the “expert” witness list.

— Laurie Bratten (@llbratten) March 4, 2013

“Non-experts” might not have had a say inside the chamber, but outside, the message against gun control was loud and clear.

Every corridor in the #Capitol looks like this. #COleg #gunbills #GunSafety #GunControl Honking consistent outside.…

— Russell Haythorn (@rhaythorn) March 4, 2013

Some citizens spent the night and came as early as 6:00am.

— Laurie Bratten (@llbratten) March 4, 2013

Horn honking continues outside state #Capitol. Many driving by with “Don’t Tread on Me” flags. #guncontrol #COleg

— Russell Haythorn (@rhaythorn) March 4, 2013

2A supporters protesting all day in the snow and cold outside CO Capitol #coleg #cogungrab #copolitics…

— Jennifer Raiffie (@jraiffie) March 4, 2013

Funny sign at #GunControl protest. #COleg…

— Brandon Rittiman (@BrandonRittiman) March 4, 2013

Horns still going wild outside the #coleg in support of the #secondamendment .#GunControl #gunsafety #cogungrab #copolitics

— Dennis Rhodes (@DennisLRhodes) March 4, 2013

Sheriffs from at least 7counties standing behind Sheriff Maketa in his opposition to these bills. #coleg…

— Ali Bolch (@albolch) March 4, 2013

Airplane spotted flying over CO capital with banner that says “please don’t take our guns” #cogungrab #coleg

— Jennifer Raiffie (@jraiffie) March 4, 2013

Magpul, which says it will be forced to move hundreds of jobs out of state if the measure’s high-capacity magazine limit passes, made its presence known in a big way.

PHOTO: Hey! How’d @magpul_hq get such a primo parking spot? #Friends in #COleg…

— Brandon Rittiman (@BrandonRittiman) March 4, 2013

@magpul_hq showing. G presence at CO capitol. Horns still honking #cogungrab #coleg…

— Jennifer Raiffie (@jraiffie) March 4, 2013

State Sen. Greg Brophy, who recently called attention to the legislation’s reach to standard pump-action shotguns, tweeted that he gave up his parking spot for Magpul.

My spot.walked today RT @brandonrittiman PHOTO: Hey! How’d @magpul_hq get primo parking spot? #Friends in #COleg…

— SenatorBrophy (@SenatorBrophy) March 4, 2013

Magpul has also said it will stop selling to law enforcement any accessories that the general public would not be allowed to purchase under the law.

Magpul: We will no longer sell to police unless they take an oath to uphold 2nd, 14th amendment. #COleg #cogungrab

— Erik Soderstrom (@soderstrom) March 4, 2013

Speaking of the “unintended” shotgun ban, Sen. Mary Hodge said that the legislation would be amended. What other surprises await inside the legislation?

Mag limit bill will be amended to protect shotguns, @senhodge tells committee. HB1224. #coleg

— Kristen Wyatt (@APkristenwyatt) March 4, 2013

Bang @tedharvey points out another unintended? consequence of bg check.He cant loan gun to wife when he is out of town w/o bg check

— SenatorBrophy (@SenatorBrophy) March 4, 2013

Sen Harvey objects to a multi-page amendment sprung on him from the Bill sponsor w/o 24 hr notice in the rules of this committee #cogungrab

— Jennifer Raiffie (@jraiffie) March 4, 2013

[email protected]tedharvey we are tying ourselves in knots to try and deal with the unintended consequences of a bill the Sheriffs say is unenforceable

— SenatorBrophy (@SenatorBrophy) March 4, 2013

Both Senate Bill 197, which restricts firearms for domestic violence offenders, and Senate Bill 1229, which requires gun customers to pay the costs of their background checks, cleared the Senate on party-line votes.

I’m presenting #SB197 in Senate Judiciary, to keep firearms from domestic violence abusers & people with restraining orders. #coleg

— Senator Evie Hudak (@SenHudak) March 4, 2013

Not one law enforcement officer endorsed SB197.It just passed 5-3.2014 elections are coming!#coleg #copolitics

— Scary Gun (@ScaryGun) March 4, 2013

UPDATE: First @cosendem gun bill #SB197 passes, despite huge outcry at Capitol: #COleg

— Eli Stokols (@EliStokols) March 4, 2013

Witness says system already broken, SB197 will take guns away from victims, e.g. – women wrongly convicted protecting themselves #guncontrol

— Russell Haythorn (@rhaythorn) March 4, 2013

Mag limit bill up now. High capacity mags used in Aurora, Sandy Hook, V-Tech. Sponsor: “This is attempt to reduce slaughter.” #gunbills

— Russell Haythorn (@rhaythorn) March 4, 2013

Up next is House Bill 1224, which would limit ammunition magazines to 15 rounds.

Mag limit bill up now. High capacity mags used in Aurora, Sandy Hook, V-Tech. Sponsor: “This is attempt to reduce slaughter.” #gunbills

— Russell Haythorn (@rhaythorn) March 4, 2013

* * *


While several “out-of-towners” have spoken today on behalf of stronger gun legislation, Columbine High School shooting survivor Evan Todd testified against the magazine limit.

Evan Todd, survivor of Columbine massacre testifying in opposition to bill limiting ammunition magazine size. #coleg

— Megan Verlee (@CPRverlee) March 4, 2013

Columbine survivor Evan Todd says HB1224 is “poorly conceived and emotionally written”; says Kleebold/Harris had shotguns. #COleg

— Eli Stokols (@EliStokols) March 4, 2013

Columbine survivor Evan Todd, testifying against magazine limits, says bill seeks to “capitalize on horrific events.” #coleg #guncontrol

— Ivan Moreno (@IvanJourno) March 4, 2013

@scarygun: The 1st victim targeted in Columbine, Evan Todd, is testifying AGAINST HB1224. Shot in the library. Powerful testimony.#coleg

— Scary Gun (@ScaryGun) March 4, 2013

* * *


Pizza’s been delivered and the hearings continue, along with the demonstration outside. The bill to limit magazines to 15 rounds has also passed 3-2 and moves to the Senate on Friday.

We’re a bit past the halfway point in today’s gun hearings. Four bills passed on party line 3-2 votes, three to go. #coleg

— Joe Hanel (@joehanel) March 5, 2013

HB1224 banning high capacity mags passes 3-2, party line vote. On to Committee of the Whole. #GunSafety #coleg @copublichealth

— Mark Thrun (@MarkWThrun) March 5, 2013

NOW: #HB1224 #MagBan passed Sen. Judy 3-2, heads to COW, groans fill OSC chamber #COleg

— Eli Stokols (@EliStokols) March 5, 2013

10 hours later, blare of horns still filtering through the windows as cars continue to circle Capitol. #COleg

— Dan Petty (@danielpetty) March 5, 2013

Twitchy will continue to provide updates on today’s “gun fight” in Colorado as they develop.

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