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9-term incumbent Democrat loses primary in Massachusetts


Down goes Rep John Tierney in Massachusetts’ sixth congressional district:!/thehill/status/509666432851136512

Of note, national Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi and Liz Warren, couldn’t save Tierney:!/Coondawg68/status/509661225433591808!/dccc/status/497358000664113152!/WuWCVB/status/473510245386711040

Now let’s meet the Democrat who beat Rep. Tierney, Iraq war veteran Seth Moulton:

[. . .] Seth joined the Marine Corps in 2001. Although Seth was firmly against the Iraq War, Seth served his country and led his platoon — eventually serving four tours of duty in Iraq over five years. Seth led an infantry platoon during the 2003 invasion and was in the first Marine company to enter Baghdad. Later, he worked to establish an independent Iraqi media. The following year, Seth returned to Iraq as an infantry platoon commander and fought in the lead company in the Battle of Najaf. At the request of then-Lieutenant General David Petraeus, Seth remained in Iraq and joined a small team of Marines working closely with Iraqi security forces and served as a liaison to senior Iraqi leaders south of Baghdad.

This actually looks like good news for the Dems as Moulton is thought to be the stronger candidate against Republican Richard Tisei:!/rickklein/status/509520869912510466

The GOP response so far? Not much:!/HotlineJosh/status/509520584594968576


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