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A Little Girl Went To The Zoo To See Animals, But This Wasn’t What She Expected


I’m sure we all feel like our talents aren’t appreciated the way they should be sometimes.

Too often when I show my family something I write, they shoot me a pained glance and give me the mumbled equivalent of “That’s nice, dear.” Forget the fact that I’m shoving this material in their faces on a daily basis. They just don’t understand that I need validation and I need it now!

That’s why when someone comes along and does enjoy what you have to offer, you have to pull out your best work — and in the case of this orangutan, that meant busting out some sweet, sweet dance moves one day. When a little girl visited the Melbourne Zoo in Australia, she was excited to see all of nature’s wonders, but her experience got so much cooler when she stopped at the orangutan exhibit.

I bet he practiced for months!

This guy really needs his own TV show. I’ll be waiting by the phone for a producer to call.

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