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A ‘mystery sniper’ is assassinating ISIS leaders in Libya


Apparently ISIS fighters in the Libyan city ofSirte are on edge after a “mystery sniper” has killed 3 of their top leaders over the past 10 days:

This hero has been dubbed “Daesh hunter” and it’s speculated that he could be an American. From the International Business Times:

And, according to local media in the former Muammar Gaddaffi-stronghold, IS are now sweeping the city hunting for the marksman, dubbed on social media as the ‘Daesh hunter’. The coastal city has been overrun by the terror group, who now roam the streets freely.

Online discussion has centred on the theory that the sniper is a lone gunman from the nearby city of Misrata. But US operatives are thought to be active in the area and a number of US air strikes have killed IS militants in the area.

One eye witness told the al-Wasat website: “A state of terror prevailed among the Isil (Islamic State) ranks after his death. They randomly shot in the air to scare inhabitants, while searching for the sniper.”

Journalist Daniele Raineri for Il Foglio has been covering the story:

Keep up the good work, whoever you are.

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