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Al Qassam Brigade has important message for IDF regarding ‘lucky underwear’


Even the ongoing Twitter war between the Hamas-affiliated Al Qassam Brigade and the Israel Defense Force has slowed a bit under the cease-fire agreement, but there’s still room for some smack-talk. What sort of intelligence does Hamas have on Israeli undergarments?

@alqassambrigade – Why do you say this? What activity is occurring for you to warn Lt. Gen Benny #Gantz like this?

— NewsWatch (@NewsWatchToday) November 23, 2012

Was it a warning? A threat? The majority of those following aren’t impressed.

I didn’t know Benny Gantz had lucky underwear, but apparently he does. Smart man.

— Allison Good (@Allison_Good1) November 23, 2012

@alqassambrigade Boxers or briefs?

— Becky Johnson (@BeckyJohnson222) November 23, 2012

Are you a 3 yr old? MT @alqassambrigade: An important message to #IDF Chief of Staff”: You seem not wearing your lucky underwear…..#Gaza

— CiF Watch (@CiFWatch) November 23, 2012

@alqassambrigade maybe he isn’t wearing ANY underwear! Oh snap.

— Ari Breslauer (@johnjay318) November 23, 2012

@alqassambrigade‘s is now making sexual jokes. I’m in shock.

— ✈TFWCorrosivo✈ (@TFWC_) November 23, 2012

@alqassambrigade An important message to you: you will never win vs. a free democratic POWERHOUSE nation, so lick your wounds and move on..

— Zippy McFadden (@ZippyMcFadden) November 23, 2012

“You seem not wearing your lucky underwear, you should go back home.” Still cannot believe @alqassambrigade twitter account is a real thing

— counselor d. troi (@bbbornlivedie) November 23, 2012

@alqassambrigade You are better at terrorism than smack talking, but you aren’t very good at that either.

— Matt Jones (@mattithyahu) November 23, 2012

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