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American flags replaced with white flags; ‘Bicycle Lobby’ denies involvement


Two American flags atop New York’s Brooklyn Bridge were replaced sometime early Tuesday morning with bleached white flags. WABC-TV New York reports:

Police removed the white flags just before noon from poles on the stone supports that hold cables above the bridge. [Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence of the NYPD John] Miller said it appeared the 20 foot by 11 foot flags were bleached American flags. One could see faint traces of stars and stripes on [them]. Police also found what appeared to be large aluminum pans that had been affixed as [spotlight] covers, secured with zip ties.

Miller said whoever did it appeared to have some climbing experience and possibly had done bridge work, perhaps even on the Brooklyn Bridge.!/WilliamsJon/status/491686230044585984!/ABC/status/491598673722101761

Some news outlets had reported that the flag-switch was the work of the “Bicycle Lobby,” self-described in its @BikeLobby Twitter bio as a parody account.!/BicycleLobby/status/491590676816363520!/BicycleLobby/status/491630868663128064!/BicycleLobby/status/491633278688821248!/BicycleLobby/status/491688084510367744






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