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Ann Romney’s GMA appearance lights up Twitter


@GMA CAREFUL!! her vagina will eat you!!! @anndromney

— veronica (@forgofamily) October 10, 2012

Sheesh. It’s never too early for libs to pour on the War on Conservative Women hate, is it?

@GStephanopoulos @AnnDRomney @GMA -ever see a picture of her and Romney in church, Do they just write checks?

— Bob King (@striperone70) October 10, 2012

@GStephanopoulos @AnnDRomney @GMA Well that’s interesting because the more I see of Queen Ann the less I like her.

— Sabrina (@Charmed86) October 10, 2012

But as Stephanopoulos noted, Mrs. Romney’s popularity is on the rise despite the Left’s best attempts to smear and belittle her. Her social media support is strong — and conservatives were up early to defend her from the slimers via the #istandwithann hashtag:

To all of you complaining about Ann Romney’s appearance on #GMA, remember she’s there to cover and add support for Robin Roberts. Grow up.

— vbspurs (@vbspurs) October 10, 2012

#IStandWithAnn because she brings honor to her husband & herself, and will do so as FLOTUS

— Where Eagles Dare (@Cryogenik28) October 10, 2012

Tons of support outside for @anndromney on GMA! Someone should have made a #IStandWithAnn sign!!!

— Logan Foshie (@lfoshie) October 10, 2012

it's time to bring class back to the WH #IStandWithAnn

— Heidi (@HeidiL_RN) October 10, 2012

From Mrs. Romney’s press secretary, Sarah Haley:

.@AnnDRomney on @gma she's a pro!

— Sarah Haley (@sarahhaleyTN) October 10, 2012

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