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April Fools or not? Virgin Group launches vehicle exploring live volcanoes


The first #virginvolcanic trips are scheduled for 2015. Go to to find out more

— Richard Branson (@richardbranson) March 31, 2012

Wow #virginvolcanic must have some really cool lava heat shields; alot better than the Shuttle tiles. Looks like a corkscrew.

— ChrisMLindgren (@ChrisMLindgren) March 31, 2012

Not that I wouldn't put anything past Sir Richard, but April 1 IS tmrw. RT @richardbranson The first #virginvolcanic trips sch'd for 2015

— Emory Stagmer (@VAXHeadroom) March 31, 2012

For a minute or two it appeared to be legit.

Appeared. Until we saw “Screw business as usual” plastered on the side of the giant screw.

Here’s a brief explanation of what the craft supposedly will do:

Only 500 people have been to space, only three people have been to the bottom of the ocean, but no one has ever attempted to journey to the core of an active volcano. Until now.

Using patented carbon-carbon materials pioneered for deep space exploration, Virgin is proud to announce a revolutionary new vehicle, VVS1, which will be capable of plunging three people into the molten lava core of an active volcano.

One day we could travel from Hawaii to Naples in a couple of hours via molten lava flows #virginvolcanic

— Richard Branson (@richardbranson) March 31, 2012

From Hawaii to Italy in a couple of hours? Wow!

Obviously, the Twitter world exploded with questions, jokes, and sarcasm. Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day, and there’s a lot of speculation over whether this new invention is part of it.!/CandiedCox/status/186100280092397568

"What can I say, I lava challenge." RT @Virgin Would you dare take a trip with @richardbranson on #virginvolcanic?

— lisa meid (@lisameid) March 31, 2012

I don't mean to hate, but I'm calling bullshit on #virginvolcanic, #AprilFools?

— Saïd (@CreativelySaid) March 31, 2012

@richardbranson what kind of gear would passengers be expected to wear? #virginvolcanic

— Sumit Bhanote (@SumitBhanote) March 31, 2012

What say you?

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