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Babysitters Reveal The Creepiest Things Children Have Ever Told Them


Have you ever had a babysitting experience that made you want to quit watching children altogether? These people sure have.

I’ve always been more of a petsitter than a nanny, so the only unsettling thing I’ve had happen on the job was deal with a little fear at night. These babysitters, on the other hand, have heard terrifying things uttered by kids too young to understand the creepiness of what they’re saying.

After reading these disturbing exchanges between little ones and their babysitters, I’m even more content to only ever watch people’s pets.

1. “My god daughter used to talk of seeing people under her porch and also seeing her ‘brother’ who was stillborn, but the creepiest thing she’s ever said was when she was five and looked straight at me and said ‘your master wishes to see you in the pit’ and then turned and skipped away. The pit is what her parents call Hell.” – ravenshadow2013

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2. “I used to nanny full-time. The parents asked me to stay late (almost overnight) so they could go on a date that day. I put all of the kids to bed and loaded up a movie the mom had suggested. It was a horror movie called the Babbadook.”

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