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Badass punk? Blink-182’s Hoppus honors wife; Best Christmas name ever? [pic]


No doubt. As Twitchy readers know, Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus rocks Twitter. His feed is straight-up hilarious consistently. They should give out Grammys for Twitter funnies; he’d run away with them all.

As Twitchy reported, he recently tweeted out a photo that captured him “partying hard” with his wife. Living on the edge! On Monday he took to Twitter to celebrate his anniversary with that beautiful wife.!/markhoppus/status/407399580909993984


Hoppus and wife continue to spiral oh-so-out-of-control!

My wife's greatest fears, in order:
1 Mud tracked on carpet
2 Stained countertop
3 Moisture rings on coffee table
4 Death— M.A.H. Humbug (@markhoppus) November 27, 2013!/markhoppus/status/403722962643464193

Love so much.

Comedian Amy Schumer congratulates the couple.!/markhoppus/status/407405265664098304

And this Twitter user sends her best wishes in epic fashion:

Ha! Slick move.

Hoppus then scored a win with what is perhaps the best holiday moniker ever:!/markhoppus/status/407514771643465728

Beautiful. He changed his Twitter profile to reflect his new name:


And then offered up a Christmas joke:

More please, badass punk. Stay tuned for Christmas:

Can’t wait! “A Christmas Carol” has nothing on Hoppus.


Heh: ‘Out of control’? Blink-182′s Mark Hoppus tweets photo ‘partying hard’ with wife

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