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Bloomberg loses big (again) with demise of Colo. billion dollar tax hike


For the second time this year, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg failed to impose his leftist schemes on the state of Colorado when voters rejected a billion dollar tax scheme under the guise of improving schools. In August, Nanny Bloomberg dumped $350,000 in the failed attempt to defeat the recall of two gun-grabbing Colo. state senators, and now he’s lost another million dollars trying to foist higher taxes on the people of Colorado. They yelled back loudly tonight. With 91% of precincts reporting, the ballot initiative is losing 66-34.!/AFPColorado/status/397915917255835648!/michellemalkin/status/397915834087010304!/jackhealyNYT/status/397924606935187456

Bloomberg is 0 for 3 in Colorado.

Morse – Recalled
Giron – Recalled
Amendment 66 – Defeated

He has spent (that…— ReMorse (@ReMorseCO) November 06, 2013!/BlackIrishI/status/397914316734599168

Other out-of-state contributors to Amendment 66 included the National Education Association ($2 million), Bill and Melinda Gates ($1 million) and The Emerson Collective, a charity founded by Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs ($100,000). As of October 28, the  main Amendment 66 opposition committee reported raising a total of $24,400 during the entire campaign period.

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