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‘Bloviating maggot’ Michael Moore decries GOP’s ‘fake outrage’ over VA scandal


Leave it to hack filmmaker and raging hypocrite Michael Moore to swoop in with an asinine take on the VA scandal:!/MMFlint/status/469149347964551168

Got that? Not only is anger over dead and dying veterans just fake Republican outrage, but the VA scandal isn’t even really a scandal at all. Love the scare quotes, Michael. Nice touch. Jackass.!/JackieKPGH/status/469157875563384832!/fastereddie/status/469156897879506944!/TheWyllieScott/status/469156836298330112!/JenaArtMuse/status/469159173855260672!/Chris_Clukey/status/469154459650510850!/LilMissRightie/status/469155343600078848!/CaptinAwesum/status/469160793393885184



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