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Booking photo of Zimmerman released


From the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office:

This is what Zimmerman looked like in 2005:

Several Twitter users commented on Zimmerman’s apparent weight loss:

George Zimmerman's Booking Photo Shows Drastic Weight Loss …: George Zimmerman mugshot has been released to th…

— Eva Miranda (@evamiranda2006) April 12, 2012

Ok, I looked at that booking photo of Zimmerman. So how old is that pic they've been showing? How'd he just get slimmer & browner today?

— dri (@DriXander) April 12, 2012

@ZerlinaMaxwell: RT @CNNJustin: Here is George Zimmerman's booking photo. #Trayvon” << it looks like he's lost weight.

— Britany B (@britanybumblbee) April 12, 2012

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