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‘Bored’: Miley Cyrus watches Taylor Swift ‘shake it off’ at VMAs [Vine, photos]


Yawn. Someone wake up Miley Cyrus. No one can out-twerk and out-debase the queen of pop vulgarity. After her foam finger free-for-all last year with now-persona non grata Robin Thicke, Cyrus has done it all and seen it all. VMA viewers noted her bored faces during Taylor Swift’s rump-shaking performance tonight.!/bored_canadian/status/503715114915463168!/Manifested55/status/503714182492340225!/ETKevinsMind/status/503715161392545793!/ThugsBunnny/status/503718426993766400!/rawrrmonsterr92/status/503718117378641921!/peoplemag/status/503716370102898690

Maybe another VMA party shooting will rouse the bored diva.

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