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Boy Teaches Tiny Coyote Pup How To Howl And I Died In The Process


Aren’t baby animals just the best? I think science proved that long ago.

While I’m all about tiny puppies and kittens, finding baby wildlife is probably my favorite thing ever. Perhaps it’s the novelty of the encounter or the fact that you feel lucky to be in their presence.

When some young guys were out fishing recently, they came across what appeared to be an orphaned baby coyote. Before you say, “coyotes aren’t cute,” you better check yourself because you’re about to lose all composure over this clip.

Oh. Dear. God.

According to Dylan-Kayla Davidson, the guy in the video, he put the pup back down in the brush shortly after the video.

“Right after that video, we let it walk back into the woods.” He also called the game warden to notify their office of the possibly abandoned little guy.

In another clip of the howl-off, the cuteness continues:

I mean, I’m squirming in my seat. This is just too adorable!

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