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Busted: Was this Donna Brazile’s most shameless Obamacare spin yet?


You see, this happened when a Twitter user remarked on some conspicuous silence from Donna Brazile.!/redsteeze/status/454331875801440257

Yep, funny that. Another Twitter user suggested a reason for the silence.!/marklangford/status/454599996042526721

Heh. Remember that? Donna Brazile was shocked that her health insurance premium had gone up and she could not figure out why it had. While praising Obamacare. Oh, sweetie. Bless.

Brazile then countered with this:!/donnabrazile/status/455853269043404800

Um. What?!/redsteeze/status/455865887439208448

That’s right:!/donnabrazile/status/306778350574260224

Flashback boom!

Donna Brazile is confused about @donnabrazile's healthcare premiums……— S.M (@redsteeze) April 15, 2014

Some wondered if she was lying or just befuddled. Or, did she now manage to score a lower premium at the expense of others?!/redsteeze/status/455870763288240128

Crickets from Ms. Brazile.!/redsteeze/status/455930408258244608

Yep, which one is it, Ms. Brazile? And if her premium is now magically lower (after being higher), there’s this:!/Spretnak/status/455915582475354112

Hey, but she totally thanked y’all! Suckers!!/RowdyGemini/status/455865577962098689

How gracious of her.

Mockery of the perhaps confused Brazile was swift and spectacular.!/rjustice21/status/455891235035971584!/RedEngines/status/455897153206878208!/marklangford/status/455876118310952960!/Mr_Light_Bulb/status/455872761026473984!/redwings924/status/455866050265899008


That’s right. And Twitchy is forevah!!/alleygirl2409/status/456041748821581826


Another reminder for the forgetful Ms. Brazile:!/BethanyBowra/status/455880111834017792

And an exit suggestion:!/redsteeze/status/455866177559220224

Yes, please do.


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