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Check out how protesters in Hong Kong clean up after themselves! [photos]


As Twitchy noted during the “People’s Climate March,” protesters in New York City left quite a mess after they were done demonstrating to save the planet.

Not so in Hong Kong where those protesting the authoritarian rule of mainland China are giving the world a lesson in “civil” civil-disobedience and showing just how easy it is to clean up after themselves — unlike those dirty hippies in the Big Apple.

Check out these amazing photos:

Hong Kong #UmbrellaMovement protestors #recycle and clean up image via @larryau

— Veolia UK (@VeoliaUK) October 1, 2014

Besides cleaning up and recycling protestors also try and clean graffiti in #HongKong

— Annemarelle vSchayik (@annemarelle) October 1, 2014

Only in #HongKong.. #OccupyCentral protestors clean-up after themselves: #OccupyHongKong

— Auskar Surbakti (@AuskarSurbakti) October 1, 2014

Only people from Hong Kong would protest…then clean up after themselves and sort their recycling

— Seb Black (@SebBLACK) September 29, 2014

This is how we do things in #HK. The tyrants in office, shame on you! #HongKongProtests

— Joe K T Tang (@JoeKT10) September 29, 2014

When my people protest, we make sure to recycle, compost and throw away trash too. #civilized #OccupyCentral

— Jason Poon (@jasonhpoon) October 1, 2014

a truck finally came to collect the piles of trash accumulated at tamar which have started to stink #OccupyCentral

— Jeffie Lam (@jeffielam) October 1, 2014

#HongKongStudents picking up trash when crowd of #OccupyCentral disperses. #KindAct #HelpHongKong

— 幸木みゆき (@KiramekuNamida) September 29, 2014

Great job, Hong Kong and maybe one day protesters in America can follow your lead.


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