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Cher continues marathon rant against ‘scumbag’ Ted Cruz


She did take a 22-hour break, but Cher came back swinging tonight in a continuation of last night’s all-caps rant against Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. We’re pretty sure she’s talking about Cruz, anyway; the big clue is the “Joe McCarthy” comparison. She did take off the caps-lock tonight, though; is Cher softening in her stance?

@cher what are you talking about?

— Jamilka Gonzalez (@jamilka_darling) February 16, 2013

@jamilka_babe look him up ! Learn 2 do this! Don’t let ppl take your freedom because U don’t want to spendthe time or energy 2 look it up

— Cher(@cher) February 17, 2013

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