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Choo-choo! Gabrielle Union hops aboard the Romney tax return train


The “Bring It On” actress and Barack Obama cheerleader apparently decided that the world had waited long enough for her views on the Republican presidential nominee. And boy, was she right! The tax return dead horse hasn’t nearly been beaten to death!

Hey Mitt, when your dad George Romney ran 4 president he released 12 yrs of tax returns…what dont you want America to see?

— Gabrielle Union (@itsgabrielleu) August 27, 2012

Gee, Gabrielle. Since you’re so curious about Mitt Romney’s tax returns, have you considered a powwow with Lawrence O’Donnell? Or Harry Reid? We hear he’s got a very credible source that something’s amiss.

Union isn’t alone in her suspicions. Plenty of fans echoed her sentiments:

@itsgabrielleu I'm sure they could find a lot of dirt on him if they wanted to.

— Keith Gray (@MADMAX0213) August 27, 2012

@itsgabrielleu preeaachh. Let's see his cable bill history for the hell of it

— Camara Cruz Thomas (@CamiCruz17) August 27, 2012

@itsgabrielleu overseas bank accts with money money money

— K B (@lovingmeKB) August 27, 2012

@itsgabrielleu ,That he is crook and his money is stashed over seas

— SLMG (@SLMG11) August 27, 2012

Swiss banks! Just like Hitler!

@itsgabrielleu Mitt's tax returns would show he evaded illegally to lower the 35% rate to 15%. #wbos

— Ron_Woodward (@tradebomber) August 27, 2012

News flash, dude: the tax rate on capital gains is not the same as the tax rate on income.

Good Lord. Mitt Romney is not a birther, no matter how badly liberals would like him to be. Actually, it’s Obama who’s still on Obama’s birth certificate.

Fortunately, in a win for common sense, not all of Union’s fans were picking up what she was putting down:

@itsgabrielleu Are we still on that? #Geez I thought we got over that…Smh

— Shawn Johnson (@shawn_john83) August 27, 2012

It’d be too much to hope that the Left has moved beyond its fixation on Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

@itsgabrielleu ask Obama to unseal his college records. What is HE hiding??

— Chris luckey (@Cluckey13) August 27, 2012

President Obama’s mysterious college transcripts are merely the tip of the secret iceberg.

@itsgabrielleu just curious, why the rush to see his tax returns? do you make yours public?

— Michael Kaplan (@Michael__Kaplan) August 27, 2012

That’d be an interesting twist. What’s good for the goose, and all that jazz. Right? How about it, Gabrielle?

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