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Chris Brown vs. Drake: Even Pop-Tarts and Toaster Strudels have a more interesting beef


What have we gotten so far out of Chris Brown and Drake’s beef? There’s been a lot of speculation as to just where Rihanna’s heart lies, nightclub incidents with broken bottles and minor injuries and now a Chris Brown diss track.

Twitter has been comparing this feud to other famous feuds throughout history, and it seems Chris Brown and Drake’s recent battle isn’t ranking too high on the all-time list. With the hashtag #BeefsBetterThanDrakeAndChrisBrowns, people listed some very amusing choices for more captivating stand-offs: Bands beef is an example of #BeefsBetterThanDrakeAndChrisBrowns

— El Presidente (@ReginalThomas) July 1, 2012

#BeefsBetterThanDrakeAndChrisBrowns Pop-Tarts vs. Toaster Strudels.

— JadaTheJoint (@JadaTheJoint) July 1, 2012

#BeefsBetterThanDrakeAndChrisBrowns Squidward and Squilliam Fancyson

— Tré Melvin (@TreMelvin) July 1, 2012

#BeefsBetterThanDrakeAndChrisBrowns Dora The Explorer and Swiper

— I'm That Guy… (@ImThatGuyThat) July 1, 2012

#BeefsBetterThanDrakeAndChrisBrowns Nicki Minaj vs the voices in her head

— Trini Trent (@TheLavaLizard) July 1, 2012

#BeefsBetterThanDrakeAndChrisBrowns Peter Griffin and the chicken.

— Josh Brooks (@RealJoshBrooks) July 1, 2012

#BeefsBetterThanDrakeAndChrisBrowns Flavor Flav and New York's mom.

— KR (@_officialKhalil) July 1, 2012

#BeefsBetterThanDrakeAndChrisBrowns power puff girls and mojo Jojo

— ☠ (@Louisa_Crystal) July 1, 2012

If there’s one thing we can all take from this it’s that, if Chris Brown and Drake really want a monumental beef, they might need to step it up a bit.

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