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Chrissy Teigen to ‘ask Barack’ about mental heath of Chris Brown fans


Is this the “perfect storm” of Twitter? The combined irresistible force of model Chrissy Teigen and TV host Jenny Johnson is butting up against the immovable object that is singer Chris Brown’s “Team Breezy” fan base. Will the president do a flyover to assess the damage?

Johnson famously drove Chris Brown off of Twitter (temporarily) after the two got into an ugly, high-profile Twitter war over Brown’s history of beating women. (Celebs such as Whoopi Goldberg and Brown’s girlfriend Rihanna came to Brown’s defense.) Teigen found herself the target of Team Breezy tonight when she responded to a tweet about “John Legend’s girlfriend” sent by a Chris Brown fan.

You and Jenny both are hypocrites. RT @chrissyteigen: Pedi and a lil @jennyjohnsonhi5 in @glamour_fashion!

— KayKay (@iTsBREEZYbiotch) January 7, 2013

Spit it out, honey. RT @itsbreezybiotch: John Legend’s girlfriend is just…….

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) January 7, 2013

Team Breezy — activate!

You’re a judgemental bitch. RT @chrissyteigen: Spit it out, honey. RT @itsbreezybiotch: John Legend’s girlfriend is just…….”

— PreshOffDaRunway (@MephobicMind) January 7, 2013

@chrissyteigen is it just THAT difficult to keep your opinion to yourself? You should already know TB doesn’t like you! Why fan the flames?

— ♔ Summer ▲ (@_LoveLaceeee) January 7, 2013

@itsbreezybiotch @chrissyteigen rotfl attention whore at it’s finest. breezy didn’t tip her ass after she burst it open lmao

— EBONY (@2010ebz) January 7, 2013

@chrissyteigen if you “hate” Chris Brown so much, then why are you always on his dick? What has he done to you though? *waits*

— Bday(@BeyonceTaughtMe) January 7, 2013

@teamcbfrance John Legend Married the biggest bitch in the world, poor guy @chrissyteigen

— Macndy Mazibuko (@MacndyMazibuko) January 7, 2013

@johnlegend is not giving old chrissy girl the GAY Dick thats why she always looking around for a DICK! @chrissyteigen.LMFAO

— tilaema carlo (@constance214) January 7, 2013

can someone go ahead and let me know when I said your leaders name tonight? ignorant shitheads.

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) January 7, 2013

Red Eye’s Andy Levy decided to try on a Team Breezy jersey for size.

@chrissyteigen #teambrezzy4life u ingorant hoe

— Andy Levy (@andylevy) January 7, 2013


— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) January 7, 2013


— Andy Levy (@andylevy) January 7, 2013

@andylevy & @chrissyteigen are literally having a conversation about Chris Brown while he is out living his life. This is too much.

— Jonée Naihsadrak (@laviedejonee) January 7, 2013

All of the “shaking of heads” had Teigen wondering if she should take up the issue of mental illness with “Barack” when she sees him next.

i just had an epiphany. all the head shaking! that is why they are crazy! we must no longer make fun of them. this is serious. #saynotoSMH

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) January 8, 2013

This is why I’m so passionate about mental health care in America. I’ll talk to Barack about it at inauguration.

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) January 7, 2013

Barack will probably be busy at the inauguration. If you really want his attention, you might want to consider one of those White House petitions.


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