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‘Comedian’ Dan Nainan wouldn’t mind a shooting at the NRA’s offices; Updated


Ha ha! Because mass shootings are hilarious, as long as all the victims are Second Amendment supporters.!/JStgoalie/status/383065148174237697

Shhh! If you don’t think Nainan’s tweet (posted last December) is funny, you had better keep quiet … or you might get punched in the face.

Hat tip: J.R. Salzman

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By the way, as you can see, Nainan’s really broken up about the altercation that allegedly occurred last night:!/comediandan/status/383102298446397440


Well, well, well. Nainan quietly deleted his death-wish tweet from December 2012. And now, he’ll learn that Twitchy is forever.


Daily Beast reporter Josh Rogin accuses comedian Dan Nainan of punching him in the face; Update: Nainan arrested?

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