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Community Post: Which Famous DJ-Producer Should You Make A Song With?


The question is: Would you guys mix well together?

  1. Where would you want your first show to be?

    1. Miami

    2. socrata / Via


    3. faciallosangeles / Via

      Los Angeles

    1. wikipedia / Via

      New York

    2. jetblue / Via

      Las Vegas

    3. porternovelli / Via

      San Francisco

  2. Which music genre do you listen to most?

    1. Pop
    2. Alternative
    3. Rock
    4. Oldies
    5. Jazz
    6. Rap

  3. Who inspires you to make music?

    1. consequenceofsound / Via


    2. mychordbook / Via

      Daft Punk

    3. telegraph / Via

      Michael Jackson

    1. usmagazine / Via


    2. musically / Via

      Green Day

    3. metalinsider / Via

      System of a Down

  4. Pick a party drink.

    1. liquor / Via


    2. inspiredtaste / Via


    3. saucedwithstyle / Via

      Lost Cherry

    1. liquor / Via

      Long Island Iced Tea

    2. uvcblog / Via


    3. jeanninescuisine / Via

      Highland Cooler

  5. Which music festival would you like to headline?

    1. residentadvisor / Via


    2. electricdaisycarnival / Via


    3. pinterest / Via

      Warped Tour

    1. consequenceofsound / Via


    2. youredm / Via


    3. bfz / Via

      Ultra Music Festival

  6. What would you yell out during one of your sets?

    1. “Put your hands up!”
    2. “Make some noise!”
    3. “Sing along!”
    4. “Clap your hands!”
    5. “Take your shirts off!”
    6. I’d just sing

  7. Which clothing store would you allow to sell your merch?

    1. hottopic / Via Twitter: @hottopic

    2. imgkid / Via

    3. holycitysinner / Via

    1. fontmeme / Via

    2. fontslogo / Via

  8. Who do you see yourself competing against?

    1. djmag / Via


    2. djmag / Via


    3. clubzone / Via


    1. q101 / Via

      David Guetta

    2. twitter / Via Twitter: @alesso


    3. facebook / Via Facebook: martin.garrix

      Martin Garrix

Which Famous DJ-Producer Should You Make A Song With?

  1. You got: Avicii

    You guys would take EDM to the next level! This Swedish producer and DJ definitely knows how to make a catchy song. With tracks like “Levels” and “Wake Me Up,” your knowledge in progressive house music will only get better with him around. Congrats on your big hit!

    avicii / Via Twitter: @avicii
  2. You got: Calvin Harris

    You’re in luck! This Scottish DJ and producer has made some of the most memorable hits in the EDM genre. With tracks like “Summer” and “Feel So Close,” it seems like this guy can do no wrong. With his talent and your skills, you’re sure to get your name out there. Congrats on your big hit!

    mtv / Via
  3. You got: Deadmau5

    This Canadian mouse-headed producer and DJ sure knows how to make a good dance track! His name has been out there for quite some time now, and so will yours when your collaboration hits the charts. With songs like “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” and “I Remember,” there’s no way your song with him will suck. Congrats on your big hit!

    <img class="result_img" src="" data:src="http://s3-ak.buzzfee

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