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Conservatives craft handy #ObamaBudgetExcuse list for our lazy POTUS


As Twitchy reported, today marks the fourth time in five years that President Obama has missed his budget filing deadline. He must have a good reason, though, right? Conservatives offered up some possible excuses:

Too busy Skeet shooting #ObamaBudgetExcuse

— David Gillispie (@DavidGpie) February 4, 2013

Someone told me I had to actually read it #ObamaBudgetExcuse

— Frank (@FusionFrank) February 4, 2013

#ObamaBudgetExcuse Raaaaacist cling-on H8ers shot it with assault muskets.

— Smitty (@smitty_one_each) February 4, 2013

#ObamaBudgetExcuse“I was too busy thinking of new composite characters for my third autobiography”

— End of the Republic (@PointlessPol) February 4, 2013

#ObamaBudgetExcuse what’s the point? Not even 1 member of my own party voted for the last one I did.

— Dan Daniels (@dan_themandan) February 4, 2013


#ObamaBudgetExcuse You can’t blame me-look at the mess I just inherited.

— King Kong (@climber25) February 4, 2013

#ObamaBudgetExcuse I have to make a budget? Really? Valerie Jarrett didnt tell me that!

— yeah right (@rapsays40) February 4, 2013

#ObamaBudgetExcuse I would’ve had it done sooner, but it was full of numbers and stuff.

— Infidel Spring (@BigRMV) February 4, 2013

#ObamaBudgetExcuse I’d like to avoid a military coup if I could.

— Robert Meyer (@bobmeyer667) February 4, 2013

#ObamaBudgetExcuse I was busy campaigning for gun control and missed the deadline.

— Gretchen (@gapo67) February 4, 2013

#ObamaBudgetExcuse “I’ve never had a real job, so why would you think me capable of doing a budget?”

— MN Pride (@MN_Pride) February 4, 2013

To busy working on legislation to tie banning of weapons to saving really really super cute puppies #ObamaBudgetExcuse

— Frank (@FusionFrank) February 4, 2013

#ObamaBudgetExcuse An unacceptable video posted on YouTube. #LNYHBT

— John (@FuriousCStyles) February 4, 2013

My auto pen ran out of ink. #ObamaBudgetExcuse

— RightWingB (@RightWingB) February 4, 2013

Hate it when that happens.

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