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Countless death threats against Zimmerman, man not proven guilty


It’s not about whether George Zimmerman is guilty or not, it’s about the fact that in a wake of conflict, people (not just Americans) lose sanity.

We have a first amendment in this country that gives freedom of speech to all who live and pay taxes here. Where the issue comes in, is where people begin to act on what they say, losing all self-control. George Zimmerman may be guilty, but that is our call, and it is most certainly no one’s right to take his life. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. It doesn’t bring back Trayvon, and from the way his parents talk about him, it doesn’t sound like something he’d want either.

Posted below is a list of death threats against Zimmerman. Inhumane, disgusting actions in which people write about what they would do to him. Quite frankly, these people are the reason most of us lose faith in humanity. They’re a disappointment to this country and the men and women fighting for our lives overseas. Try to stomach these.

I wish I could find Zimmerman, or his lil brother, or his lil cousin, or his best friend, or his child. I would torture that mf for days.

— RAW 7 (@raw7online) March 22, 2012

I swear ill shoot zimmerman myself

— anti-social (@iBleed_ReaL) March 23, 2012

I would shoot Zimmerman in his asshole. have him shittin bullets and blood. THEN I'll turn him in.

— Ms. Doh (@DohNotJane) March 24, 2012

I wanna rape George Zimmerman momma

— Filthyy (@Kuntakintay_) March 24, 2012

Instead of killin' somebody's baby wit a stray bullet, these so-called thugs oughtta put their guns to use & kill George Zimmerman.

— Black Pacino (@Pacino718) March 20, 2012!/hellnope/status/182604729686298626

Shoutout to the guy who gets to kill Zimmerman. Gonna feel like seal team 6

— TEV (@halfwhitetev) March 24, 2012!/isaywatuwontsay/status/182532138237825026

I hope this George Zimmerman guy receives the most amount of death threats. I also hope he dies a slow death. Nobody kill him. TORTURE HIM

— Myles (@abiLLionMyles) March 19, 2012!/L_ExplainsItAll/status/182088630548963328!/SuchAFcknDIVA/status/182938143446675456!/ArmedBeauty/status/181728770573602816

I would kill Zimmerman if I knew I wouldn't go to jail. I would sink to his level.

— Chelsea St. Juniors (@IfIWereMagneto) March 17, 2012

If Zimmerman does not get arrested, I hope them niggas down florida set his ass on fire & feed him to them wild ass alligators down there.

— Paris Michelle (@illestMF__Alive) March 24, 2012!/Hot_GameSpitter/status/182941963383877633!/Keyuana_1/status/182991462508658688

Occasionally I get the urge to do some really really gangster shit …. anybody wanna waterboard Zimmerman with me? Come on…

— Mason…Chris Mason (@MRchrisMASON) March 23, 2012

And if those weren’t enough, here’s two against a man only trying to make sense of the situation, Geraldo Rivera.

i wish someone would shoot @GeraldoRivera

— B. (@feedmecupcakes) March 24, 2012

Needs to happen soon. RT@feedmecupcakes: i wish someone would shoot @GeraldoRivera

— rikki (@_rikki___) March 24, 2012

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