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Creep Central: ‘No panty day,’ basement dwellers crawl out of woodwork


“No panty day” is trending on Twitter this morning and creepy dudes everywhere are crawling out of the woodwork.

You see, some oh-so-suave alleged men on Twitter tried to use the day as a way to pick up women. In a very creepy way.

Are ladies taking this "No Panty Day" seriously? I dont believe , i need proof

— Problematic! (@vincybadboy) June 22, 2012

No panty day huh??? thats everyday for a lot of u chicks

— J-HOOD (@ODG_DON) June 22, 2012

No Panty Day. I need proof.

— Cedric Lee (@muntingprinsipe) June 22, 2012

I only care about this 'No Panty' day if the birds actually wearing no panties are HOT. #fewdecents

— Matt Dawson (@matty_mdawson) June 22, 2012

RT @fuzeb: It's no panty day? On a completely unrelated note, it's twitpic where ya panties would be day…

— Pot (@supbishes) June 22, 2012

Ladies…all 4 of you who follow me are welcome to shoe proof of no panty day. Just sayin'

— Jericho – Tucker (@IIJERiiCHOII) June 22, 2012

We are “just sayin’” that we think you must live in mommy’s basement. Smooth, fellas. Real smooth.

Others used it as a way to show how classy they are.

So taday is "no panty day" and its gonna be 100 degrees in austin…so for sinus and other heath reasons..I'm stayin in tha house

— Repo Lakey (@RepoLakey) June 22, 2012

This whole No panty day doesn't apply to all you females, some of y'all need to wear two pairs of undies lol

— Trippy Hippie (@365imfly) June 22, 2012

What gentlemen!


These Twitter users sum it up best.

i wonder who even started this no panty day nonsense lool, probably sum old chubby pervert

— سوف تكون ناجحة (@faiza_BABY) June 22, 2012

To all females thinking of and conforming to this no panty day. Respect yourself please..

— ЯJΛY (@RJayMusiq) June 22, 2012


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