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Cutter melts down on ‘Special Report’; Tells Maddow GOP outrage is ‘faux’


Appearing tonight on “Special Report,” lying liar Stephanie Cutter tripled, quadrupled, quintupled down on her disgusting assertion that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are using the deaths of four Americans in Libya for political gain. She took offense to the idea that she and the rest of the Obama Administration are the ones guilty of playing politics — perish the thought! — telling Bret Baier that “this administration has treated this entire tragedy with the utmost seriousness to get to the bottom of these attacks.” Uhhuh.

Baier refused to let her spin her way out of this one. With the web of lies tightening around her, Cutter let her desperation show, lashing out at Baier for daring to hold her accountable for her own vile statements.

Stephanie Cutter was just spinning so hard on Special Report that even normally unflappable @brettbaier was noticeably disgusted.

— Big Mac (@RobRoyNYC) October 11, 2012

@bretbaier looked totally disgusted after interview with lying liar Cutter on Special Report. #tcot @twitchyteam

— Rene Franks (@ReneZap) October 11, 2012

After witnessing such a spectacle, can anyone blame him?

This is a photo @bret_baier after the Stephanie Cutter interview. He really looked like he was gonna

— Right Scoop (@trscoop) October 11, 2012

This is a photo @Bret_Baier after the Stephanie Cutter interv... on Twitpic

Pretty sure it’s Cutter who’s curled up in a fetal position right now.

Let’s go to the videotape:

Viewers, accustomed to Cutter’s shameless and feverish spinning habits, were nevertheless shocked at how quickly the wheels flew off the crazy train:

Watching stefanie cutter today on tv is like watching a woman slowly drown. really weird.…

— G-Nice (@ArikSharon) October 11, 2012

Steff Cutter drinking Obama Koolaid in gallons…really~I mean REALLY? #specialreport

— Shelli WaltersJahns (@mawaltersjahns) October 11, 2012

Anybody watching/listening to the BS by Cutter on Special Report? God, she’d make Goebbels or Hanoi Jane proud

— Gunny (@OldMarine1) October 11, 2012

Stephanie Cutter is on Special report, even Bret Baier can’t stomach her lies

— LauraE (@frenchgen2) October 11, 2012

Cutter sputtering on @specialreport: “we are holdi(ing) perps accountable…we are being responsible and diligent.”

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) October 11, 2012

Steff Cutter drinking Obama Koolaid in gallons…really~I mean REALLY? #specialreport

— Shelli WaltersJahns (@mawaltersjahns) October 11, 2012

Stephanie Cutter is still getting caught in lies on Special Report after @bretbaier played her words and quoting the reports she refers to.

— La Mar Frazier (@NewJerseyDrive) October 11, 2012

Stephanie Cutter really showed her a– tonight with Bret Baier tonight. Can she get any more stupid? Really!!! This is why Dems never get it

— Ed Colyer (@navyatcpo) October 12, 2012

Obama’s serial, stuttering liar @stefcutter spews her Orwellian bull-crap as she abets Obama’s Libya cover-up. Can her.…

— Kurt Eckhardt (@Ecktrade) October 12, 2012

Stephanie Cutter making a fool out of herself, again, on Special Report. Stumbling, bumbling, lying. #tcot

— John Donnelly (@johnrdonnelly) October 11, 2012

@stefcutter Did you see how incoherant & foolish you looked today? You were stumbling all over yourself. Embarrassing…

— Jerry(@Durango24k) October 11, 2012

@pinkroselady @bretbaier @krauthammer @ingrahamangie I absolutely concur w: ur assessment of Stephanie Cutter’s meltdown w/ Bret. she’s sick

— pinkroselady (@pinkroselady) October 12, 2012

I think Bret Baier deserves an award for keeping a straight face while Stephanie Cutter’s head spun 360 and smoke came outta her ears!

— Whotnaught (@whotnaught) October 11, 2012

Wow. I expected Steph Cutter to go all ‘Linda Blair’ during interview with Bret Baier Waited for 360% head spin and projectile pea soup.

— Carol Tillman (@cattillman48) October 11, 2012

Cutter certainly appears to be coming unhinged right before our eyes.

Baier, meanwhile, came away from the interview with viewers’ admiration:

Bret Baier does a great job hammering Lying Crap Weasel Cutter on her excuses and lies (@weaselzippers) #ocra #tcot

— Debra (@Deberra) October 11, 2012

RT @kesgardner: This is what decimating an Obama hack looks like. Thank you @bretbaier! –>

— Barbara McMahon (@southsalem) October 12, 2012

@bretbaier @stefcutter Bret, I applaud your patience with ms cutter. Unsure how you kept your cool there. tnx 4 trying to show her the facts

— Wesley Mullins (@wesmull) October 12, 2012

Fact: Bret Baier = real journalist. #tcot #tlot cc @bretbaier

— Will Antonin (@Will_Antonin) October 11, 2012




Looks like Stephanocchio isn’t quite ready to hang it up just yet. After her “Special Report” interview, she sat down with Rachel Maddow, where she proceeded to accuse the GOP of manufacturing “faux outrage” over Benghazigate:

Stef Cutter on @maddow: “I appreciate the faux outrage.”

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) October 12, 2012

You can watch the sickening display here.

Un. Freaking. Believable.

Shocking. @maddow doesn’t care about Amb Stevens either.RT @dylanbyers Maddow didn’t press Cutter on Benghazi quite as hard as Baier did

— Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) October 12, 2012

4 dead Americans = faux outrage? RT @cuffymeh: Stef Cutter on @maddow: “I appreciate the faux outrage.”

— AG (@AG_Conservative) October 12, 2012

UNREAL RT @ag_conservative: 4 dead Americans = faux outrage? RT @cuffymeh: Stef Cutter on @maddow: “I appreciate the faux outrage.”

— Ethan Eilon (@ethaneilon) October 12, 2012

Heinous. RT @ag_conservative: 4 dead Americans = faux outrage? RT @cuffymeh: Stef Cutter on @maddow: “I appreciate the faux outrage.”

— Amy Smith (@watchkeep) October 12, 2012

…and STILL works for Obama… RT @rbpundit: Holy shit. RT @cuffymeh: Stef Cutter on @maddow: “I appreciate the faux outrage.”

— TJ Bynes (@tjbynes) October 12, 2012

Cutter said that she will resign when Romney releases his tax returns and gives a foreign policy speech that she deems satisfactory, but if she’s got any sense — and a shred of decency — left in her, she’ll turn in her Dear John letter now.

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