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Danish Artist Maria Rubinke Creates These Creepy Porcelain Dolls. So Twisted.


Most vintage or Victorian porcelain dolls are delicate and beautiful. They are adorned with frilly petticoats and a sweet blush on their cheeks. They’re the type of statues or dolls your grandmother might have lining her mantle. Maria Rubinke doesn’t make those kind of porcelain figurines. The Danish artist creates little porcelain children with cherub faces, but they are completely twisted. With these figures, “she allows the incomprehensible and chaotic in the human subconscious to rise to the surface.” The juxtaposition of cute faces and terrifying details may give you some nightmares. (Or at least the chills.)

Most porcelain figurines don’t feature crimson blood and tearing flesh.

But Maria’s artwork isn’t typical.

The pieces she creates are delightfully creepy.

They call out to us, in a strange way. “I Died A Hundred Times” is a great example of that.

There’s something about them that just gives people the chills.

“Watching The Fantasies Decay.”

“Unholy War.”

Maria is an extremely talented artist. You can find out more information about her here or on her Facebook page. This is the kind of artwork I would love to display in my own home. Share some of her work with others by clicking below.

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