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Dealing With Others Will Be Easy When You Know These 15 Tricks. Mind = Blown.


Getting through the first 8 work hours of the week isn’t necessarily difficult because of the tasks. It’s awful because of the people. That’s when you have to come back to reality and deal with your work enemies, the angry boss and the work crush you’ll never, ever ask out on a date. … but no more!

There are some easy psychological tricks you can pull to make interacting with others a breeze. You may think you know all there is to know about socializing, but try these clever life hacks. You’ll be getting your way more often in the future.

1.) Get yourself into this habit. Stat.

2.) Don’t let your body get the best of you.

3.) It’s hard, but don’t get angry.

4.) Let THEM figure it out.

5.) It’s an awesome association to start.

6.) Stop people before they even try to be jerks.

7.) It’s easier to get the response you want than you think.

8.) This is how you prepare for an interview.

9.) Getting favors can be really, really easy.

10.) Don’t let your work nemesis attack during a meeting.

11.) Pay attention next time. (P.S., your crush totally knows.)

12.) Confidence really IS key.

13.) Don’t let people believe that you’re unsure.

14.) You’ll be just like Moses.

15.) Feet, like Shakira’s hips, don’t lie.

(H/T ebaumsworld)

Well, that solves that. Paying attention to body language can help you in massive ways. We all speak it, but those who are aware of it? They’re fluent! Give these hacks a try the next time you’re having a rough time dealing with people. They should help.

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