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Democrats offer free ‘I Love Obamacare’ sticker; did we mention it’s free?


Do you love Obamacare? Do you love stickers? Do you love free? Everyone loves free!

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is offering a free “I Love Obamacare” bumper sticker in exchange for some personal information at its website.

Yeah but if you don't have one on your car you will pay a tax. @freddoso @dccc FREE I Love Obamacare' sticker!

— Karen Braun (@SpunkyBraun) July 3, 2012

Call the giveaway a sticker stimulus program. Last week the sticker was yours for the low, low price of a $3 contribution to the DCCC.

Chip in $3 today for an I Love Obamacare sticker with FREE SHIPPING:

— DCCC (@dccc) June 28, 2012

Can I order it directly from my Obamaphone? If not, I need an upgrade RT @dccc FREE 'I Love Obamacare' sticker! Get 1:

— Gina Maria (@Ginabeans22) July 3, 2012

What will you do with your free sticker? Will you drive conservatives to tears?

Make cons cry with this FREE sticker that shows you are for ALL having equal rights to long, healthy lives: #p2

— Jaym Esch (@JaymEsch) July 2, 2012

Will it go with your other stickers?

I'm tempted to get this and put it upside down on my car next to the "I may look harmless but I raised 2 Marines" one

— Karen Braun (@SpunkyBraun) July 3, 2012

Does riding around with a free bumper sticker make you one of those “free riders” Nancy Pelosi was telling us about?

Be the envy of all your freeloading friends! “@dccc: FREE 'I Love Obamacare' sticker! Get one:

— Ray (@RayD23) July 3, 2012

Some would like to see one on each of Mitt Romney’s cars.

@dccc You are sending one to Mitt and family I hope. One for each of his cars?

— john sexton (@diverdutch) July 3, 2012

Wait, Romney has more than one car? Dude is loaded! Make him pay the three bucks.

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