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Dennis Miller, others notice something funny about Team USA’s uniform [pics]


Giggling madly! As Twitchy readers know, Team USA’s Ralph Lauren-designed Sochi uniforms are here … and they are not spectacular. Well, that isn’t exactly true: They are spectacularly hideous.

Dennis Miller noticed the Cosby connection and weighed in as only he can:!/DennisDMZ/status/426762159532417024

Aching sides!!/DixieDeltaLiLu/status/426778727352401920!/efduffer/status/426801049370767360

Miller wasn’t alone:!/Helen_Spearman/status/426567030838272000!/joshkimber/status/426421964375220224!/JohannaAngelo/status/427176527109689344!/StephanieFrazee/status/427467412494360576


Are the sweaters just a secret homage?!/mibredclaimer/status/426446043064987648

You decide!


‘Freedom barfed all over these’: Team USA’s Sochi uniforms are officially hideous [pics]

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