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Did The U.S. Government Poke A Hole In Space And Time? Some Say Yes


Have you heard of the Montauk Project? For those who aren’t familiar with it, it is a supposed secret government project with the aim of facilitating time travel and ways for us to travel between dimensions. Some of the stories (all of them unconfirmed) about the Montauk Project became the basis for Netflix’s most recent smash hit, “Stranger Things.”

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While the conspiracy theory of the Montauk Project breaks down into many different individual theories, the main thread is that the U.S. government managed to create an interdimensional portal in the space-time continuum back in the 1980s.

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But they didn’t do it alone. They had assistance from secret technology left behind by Nikola Tesla (and some helpful aliens, of course).


Most of the “evidence” for the Montauk Project comes from a book of the same name written by Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon. While the book does make some fantastic claims, it falls quite short on providing any actual evidence for the events it describes.


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While there are many to choose from, the favorite Montauk Project conspiracy theory is the so-called Philadelphia Experiment. According to witnesses, scientists were nearly able to transport an entire ship between 1943 and 1983. Allegedly, the ship got stuck somewhere in space-time, but two men managed to successfully make the journey.


While tales of interdimensional travel and secret government technologies might sound interesting, it’s important to keep in mind that there is no hard proof behind any of these stories.


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On the bright side, even if the Montauk Project is fake, at least it has inspired some good television. I wonder which conspiracy theory “Stranger Things” will pull from next.

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