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Don’t look now Obama, but ‘Inherent Resolve’ is being roundly mocked [pic]


After all this time — a name.
A senior military source says the name of the operation in Iraq and Syria is…
"Inherent Resolve"

— Bret Baier (@BretBaier) October 15, 2014

Snicker. Surely Bret Baier is just making a funny, right? Nope!

Oh good Lord RT @michellemalkin: NOT a parody. RT @thejointstaff Ongoing actions in Iraq & Syria designated as Operation Inherent Resolve.

— Kemberlee Kaye (@KemberleeKaye) October 15, 2014

No, for real. As Twitchy reported, this is happening:

Ongoing actions in Iraq & Syria designated as Operation Inherent Resolve.

— The Joint Staff (@thejointstaff) October 15, 2014

Good grief.

What do YOU think about the new US operation name "Inherent Resolve"? (for the operation in Iraq and Syria that has been ongoing) Thoughts?

— Bret Baier (@BretBaier) October 15, 2014

Oh, we have thoughts. Lots of them. Take it away, Twitter!

@BretBaier you'll be happy to know that Inherent Resolve anagrams into "Reenthrone Evils"

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) October 15, 2014

Best anagrams of Inherent Resolve: Revelers None Hit. Enthrones Eviler. Relieve Hen Snort. Overseer Then Nil.

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) October 15, 2014

@morningmoneyben isn't that the name of the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie?

— Nick Bunker (@nick_bunker) October 15, 2014

Did anyone look up the definitions of both “inherent” and “resolve” before approving that? No? Okay, glad we got that out of the way. #Smrt

— Ashley Sewell (@TXTrendyChick) October 15, 2014

Presumed courage! "@petermaercbs: From @CBSNews Correspondent David Martin: "Inherent Resolve" is the official name of anti-ISIS operation.”

— Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) October 15, 2014

Lifetime channel title RT @BenHowe: They’ve named the Iraq/Syria mission “Operation: Inherent Resolve.” Fire your naming person, Pentagon.

— Jay Caruso (@JayCaruso) October 15, 2014

"Inherent Resolve" sounds like the name of a failed 90s tech company not a military operation. Who came up with that?

— Ben White (@morningmoneyben) October 15, 2014

Inherent Resolve? Ripe for parody. #tcot

— Torrey M. Spears (@torreymspears) October 15, 2014

.@BretBaier I think they misspelled "incoherent".

— Screaming Eaglet (@ScreaminEaglet) October 15, 2014

"Inherent Resolve" sounds like a going problem…

— Chris Barnhart (@ChrisBarnhart) October 15, 2014

@whereishawkins A Joe Theismann infomercial.

— Chris Barnhart (@ChrisBarnhart) October 15, 2014

Does the Pentagon have Arab Speaking advisers?There isn't 1 way you can translate "inherent resolve" without sounding tacky & out of context

— Joyce Karam (@Joyce_Karam) October 15, 2014

Obama officially names current military operation "Incoherent Resolve". Oh wait, sorry, that's "Inherent Resolve"

— Obama Toilet Paper (@ObamaTP) October 15, 2014

Nothing says "resolve" like waiting 2+ months to name your military operation, saying you won't name it "Inherent Resolve," then doing that.

— Rob Golan-Vilella (@RGolanVilella) October 15, 2014

Operation Inherent Resolve? That is comical. I like Operation Pinprick or Operation Cheerleaders. Furthermore..

— The 57th State ℅EF™ (@EF517_V2) October 15, 2014

Keep it coming!

On the flip side, perhaps the name is apropos:

@BretBaier It sounds like an oxymoron but not a good one. A muddle. Maybe it's a perfect fit.

— John Sexton (@verumserum) October 15, 2014

It’s funny, because it’s true.


The war vs. ISIS now has a name: ‘Operation Inherent Resolve’

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