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‘Drop dead, you C*NT’: Lefties attack Dana Loesch for believing in self-defense


As Twitchy reported, Dana Loesch got Piers Morgan’s foot a-stompin’ after daring to fight leftist fire with fire. Morgan’s disingenous projection of his own penchant for grave dancing unleashed a flood of vicious, misogynistic filth directed at Loesch:

A handful? More like an avalanche. It’s appalling:!/mattjayfoster/status/337265819601997824!/jamesdcfc87/status/337266169830600704!/brownhill1987/status/337274335930748930!/Stuwinship/status/337271798297133056!/Curran_7/status/337276369463545858!/azzasnif/status/337284389421608960!/SamalarM/status/337296048022253568


But in the face of these moral cockroaches spewing their venom, Loesch remains steadfast in her convictions and her assertion that political correctness is dangerous:


We stand with you, Dana!!/AiPolitics/status/337295036293185536

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