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Emily Osment thinks Radio Shack lacks that whole service thing


If Emily Osment can’t get service, what hope is there for the rest of us?

The 20 year old actress and pop singer, best known for her role alongside Miley Cyrus in “Hannah Montana,” took a trip to Radio Shack last night. Like most people who go to Radio Shack, she expected some sort of service.

Did she find it? Check out the evidence for yourself:

Radio Shack. Where you will never be serviced, ever.

— Emily Osment (@EmilyOsment) June 17, 2012

Doesn’t sound too promising. When Osment’s followers chimed in, it became quite a sad state of affairs for the electronics store.

@EmilyOsment I like that motto.. however I think their slogan recently became "radio shack, yeah.. we're still in business"

— Dominic Hernandez (@stillsuperdom) June 17, 2012

@EmilyOsment Poor baby girl!!! They never can fix our stuff.

— FEJ or Jeff Saunders (@SOUND_GOD) June 17, 2012

THIS. “@EmilyOsment: Radio Shack. Where you will never be serviced, ever.”

— John Fru Fru (@xoxoxenomorph) June 17, 2012

Dear Radio Shack, please heed the words of your disgruntled customers. Try and fix the service aspect of your company. Rumor is that sort of thing is important to actually making patrons want to return.

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