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Empowerment! Women using lady smarts pummel lady parts peddlers


Heh. See, grievance mongering “feminists” are at it again. This time, with pictures! Words are hard.

Best…blog…EVER ! RT @cnservativepunk: There is a whole tumblr dedicated to this “I need feminism because…” thing.

— Amanda Lerfald (@CRmanda) December 10, 2012

If you have one, put a laugh track over this. It’s “Why I need feminism.” A lot of these are just ridiculous.

— Brandon Morse (@CnservativePunk) December 10, 2012

Get ready for your sides to ache: Here are some examples of the utter absurdity. When one reduces oneself to girly bits only, it’s really hard to use thinkies, evidently.

“I need feminism because I live in a country where Viagra is covered by medical insurance and birth control isn’t.”

— Kesi Kmt (@ispeakstanzas) December 8, 2012

I need feminism because I am a latina women period.

— Vickiana Pena (@vickianapena) December 10, 2012

I need feminism so I don’t have to provide my marital status for a food order: RT @saritajoan: #whyineedfeminism…

— Destroy The Joint (@JointDestroyer) December 10, 2012

Pitiful. The mocking was swift and awesome.

If I wanted to make feminism look vapid and shallow, I’d say “I need feminism cuz my university is named after a man!”

— Daniel Gilfillan (@onetonturtle) December 10, 2012

look at the other link I posted. Incredicble “I need feminism because if I wear a mini dress men stare at me” WTF?!?! @morduin00

— Lady Patriot (@LadyPatriot4USA) December 10, 2012

@rbpundit @cnservativepunk “I like feminism bc liking pretty pink ponies doesn’t make me gay, a woman, or a pedophile.” No. Just deranged.

— Little Miss Rightie (@LilMissRightie) December 10, 2012

#WaronWomen Because some “womyn” aren’t taught to spell

— Lady Patriot (@LadyPatriot4USA) December 10, 2012

If you have one, put a laugh track over this. It’s “Why I need feminism.” A lot of these are just ridiculous.

— Brandon Morse (@CnservativePunk) December 10, 2012

Ridiculous and the antithesis of actual feminism. Empowering? Not so much.

@cnservativepunk “I need feminism bc normal offends me & I’m a whiney antisocial brat.”- what they’re really saying…

— Crıssყ Տ℘ɛɑƙs (@CrissySpeaks79) December 10, 2012

Women who know that their lady parts include, you know, brains were quick to attempt to teach these “feminists” a little something about reality. And true empowerment. These women refuse to shroud themselves in a veil of victim-hood, and don’t feign outrage if a man notices that she is attractive. The horror!

Take it away, ladies!

#INeedFeminismBecause the government needs to keep out of my bedroom.. But wait! Pay for my birth control and abortions!!

— #RepublicanGirlProbs (@RepubGrlProbs) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause I desperately need a practical application for my degree in Women’s Studies.

— Rebecca Ann (@RebeccaAnn81) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause I almost voted for Romney because of the lousy unemployment rate 4 women. Instead I voted w/my ladyparts. PHEW! Close1

— AW (@ArtbyAWOHS) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause demonizing men helps me elevate myself.

— Liz Wheeler (@L_Wheels) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause Hating men, killing my unborn kids, and free birth control are what’s most importnt in my life.

— Deborah (@Berrygirl82) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause I can’t think for myself or make my own choices, I need them to tell me what to think

— FIRE THEM ALL (@SandraHartle) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause it would be called crazy if I wanted to wear a vagina suit without it

— Tërī (@passion8turk) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause there is just no way in hades that a woman in the US can be successful because of her brain and hard work!

— Deborah (@Berrygirl82) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause it’s totally cool for me to identify myself as nothing more than a vagina, but don’t you dare objectify me!

— Jamie Jasper (@JamieJasper) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause dividing a nation by class, race, and gender is the best way for government to control people.

— Liz Wheeler (@L_Wheels) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause I need someone to ignore all of the misogyny coming out of the Democrat party.

— AW (@ArtbyAWOHS) December 10, 2012

Yes, what about that “feminists?”

#INeedFeminismBecause I am not smart enough to figure out how to add value & no one would hire me otherwise.

— Mary Johnson (@MariettaBroker) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause because victimization is the new “empowered.”

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) December 10, 2012

Bingo. Men who aren’t afraid of strong women, who have no need to rely on Big Daddy Government for everything, also weigh in.

#INeedFeminismBecause it reminds me that there are people out there who want me to stop appreciating how hot you look, and you look hot.

— Brandon Morse (@CnservativePunk) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause equality isn’t equal unless I’m getting some kind of advantage.

— Philip Labonte (@philthatremains) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause my SAHM, homeschooling, successful blogger wife needs to take even more crap for putting family ahead of career.

— Tim Wells (@RightWingNerd) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecauseWhen I majored in Feminist studies, I didn’t realize that identity politicking isn’t a viable career choice.

— Ric Choadman (@TrentonPowers) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause my wife apparently doesn’t understand that being a real lady w/class isn’t going to get her anywhere in life.

— Mike Behrens (@Mike_Behrens) December 10, 2012

And these two ladies sum it all up.

#INeedFeminismBecause American women do not have equal opportunity to achieve whatever they want, to make their decisions…oh wait.

— Liz Wheeler (@L_Wheels) December 10, 2012

#INeedFeminismBecause I don’t. The End.

— the eye (@ShannonPoe) December 10, 2012

Indeed. As always, women need feminists like a fish need a bicycles.

That’s your legacy, Gloria Steinem. Case. Closed.


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