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‘Enduring legacy’: Jonathan Gruber’s ‘speak-o’ defense earns fast mockery


Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber claims that he made a “mistake” in a 2012 video showing him admitting that states not establishing their own exchanges would not receive federal subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.

Gruber said his “mistake” was the verbal version of a typo called a “speak-o.” The Gruber explanation has taken Twitter by storm:!/zhanover/status/492714978298703872

White House: "It's the Law"
Delay: "Here's the Law"
Typo: "Ok now It's the Law"
Speak-o: "I swear, that's the last correction, It's the Law"— The Right Wing M (@TheRightWingM) July 25, 2014!/jpodhoretz/status/492706087544422402!/CuffyMeh/status/492701373214253056!/RickSheridan/status/492713461546090496!/EdMorrissey/status/492710372516712448

So to sum it all up:!/Matthops82/status/492688550195122176


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