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Entire town of West, Texas, is being evacuated


The explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, has reportedly killed as many as 60-70 people. (Editor’s note: See update below.)

Now the entire town of West, Texas, is being evacuated.

West, TX is being evacuated. All of it. #WestTX #Waco

— Drew Foster (@foster402) April 18, 2013

The evacuation is reportedly due to fears of a second explosion and/or concerns about toxic fumes.

“@newsbreaker: BREAKING: CBS 11: Entire town of West Texas under evacuation; toxic fumes may be spreading south”

— Ryan Reports (@BTryanreports) April 18, 2013

“@roncorning: The entire town of West in Texas has been evacuated as toxic smoke from fertiliser plant explosion spreads.” #prayersforwest

— Duong Sheahan (@duongsheahan) April 18, 2013

People in West, Texas, being evacuated over fear that fertilizer tank may explode, after major blast at same plant.

— Vidyut (@Vidyut) April 18, 2013

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Update, Thursday April 18 at 6:56 am ET:

We are seeing reports this morning that 5-15 people died in the explosion. However, it is possible that the numbers will rise once the sun rises and additional bodies are found.

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