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Every which way but classy: Tom Brokaw bashes ‘friend’ Clint Eastwood


NBC’s Tom Brokaw has only tweeted 26 times since joining Twitter last year. But after watching Clint Eastwood mockingly dress down an invisible Obama at the GOP convention, the always objective Brokaw dedicated his 26th tweet to telling his “friend” to shut his trap.

@tombrokaw Odd. That doesn't sound very friendly at all.

— Franklin Brown (@franklinnoble) August 31, 2012

@tombrokaw Doesn't sound like something "a friend" would say. Having a hard time are "we" with Clint mocking Obama.

— VondrayaSlava (@Vondraya) August 31, 2012

Many Twitterers thought using fewer words was great advice … for Brokaw.

@tombrokaw watched your own tapes lately Tommy?

— Tom Thaddeus (@TThad) August 31, 2012

@tombrokaw Coming from a comic icon like yourself… Many think your TWEET contains too many words. He was ad-libbing & funny & endearing.

— Thom Rafferty (@TSRLA) August 31, 2012

@tombrokaw You are so full-of-it Brokaw. The way you've been shilling for the GOP & knee-capping Obama, many have lost respect for you too!

— Elijah Jeremiah (@theosmelek) August 31, 2012

@tombrokaw It wasn't about Clint Eastwood as much as it was about your fading agenda. Eastwood interfered with that. You didn't like that.

— Michael Buffington (@MBuffington) August 31, 2012

@tombrokaw Gotta disagree with you there Tom. Every bit of it was funny and damaging, hence the critical reactions of libs like yourself.

— Jeff Bloom (@Tulgaat) August 31, 2012

@tombrokaw why demean someone who has an opinion that is not yours, I used to think the liberal media was a lie, my eyes are open now.

— Troy Jimerson (@Tragicskingdom) August 31, 2012

But hey, clinging bitterly to Obama’s leg while bashing Eastwood is what all the cool lapdogs do, right Mr. Brokaw? Was it the number of words Eastwood used? Or was it the content of his speech?

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