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Eye on Occupy: Occupy Wall Street asks devotees what drives them


Occupy asked, and the sheep answered the call:

@OccupyWallSt Im an Occupier cause, lets face it Democrats nd republicans are the same thing right? I personally dont like being fucked with

— KingdomRaveMay30th! (@FollowFrankieee) July 20, 2012

@OccupyWallSt Because I want to help un-fuck the world for my daughter and other future generations.

— Amy (@_greenlove_) July 20, 2012

@occupywallst I'm an #occupier because I know a better world is possible.

— m_x (@soit_goes) July 20, 2012

@OccupyWallSt I'm an occupier because my mom was a #BadAss out spoken native woman activist in the 70's… #AIM

— KAL301 (@KAL301) July 20, 2012

I .@OccupyWallSt for freedom from Oppression of any kind! THX #God!

— Original got God?® (@ugotGod) July 20, 2012

@OccupyWallSt I am an #occupier because They don't really care about us.

— Sabrina Khan (@Arketypical) July 20, 2012

"@OccupyWallSt: Tweet why you are an #occupier" because people are more important than money & things

— Lux Tempo (@luxtempo) July 20, 2012

@OccupyWallSt As human beings we are all worth more than the consumer culture we have created.

— Pen Draggin'✒️ (@PDX_pixie) July 20, 2012

At least one Twitterer wasn’t sold on Occupy’s message:

I'm not an occupier. I would never want to steal, not even from the 1%. They earned it. RT @OccupyWallSt: Tweet why you are an #occupier

— Samantha Gobba (@upwardglances) July 20, 2012

What say you, Twitchers? What do you think motivates Occupiers?

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