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FAA halts outgoing flights at LAX, other airports due to ‘computer glitch’


Outgoing flights at Los Angeles International Airport and other airports have been halted due to what’s been described as a “computer glitch”:!/weeddude/status/461624952202874880

The stoppage of outgoing flights has left many passengers sitting on runways:!/SoCalNewsWatch/status/461624281152368640

Numerous airports have been affected by the “glitch”:!/passantino/status/461626321643134976!/NBCLA/status/461625596112809984!/Join____Us/status/461622367161040896!/carney/status/461622038780588033!/gdbelvin/status/461626145046159361

Computer problems have also hit airports in the U.K.!/ZoraSuleman/status/461624083244126208!/standardnews/status/461612395883139072

Twitchy will update this post as more information becomes available.

Update: The FAA has reportedly lifted the grounding of outgoing flights:!/KTVU/status/461635566380285952

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