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Facing high-capacity magazine ban, Magpul fights to stay in Colorado


Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) is spearheading the effort to pass a sweeping national ban of 150 “weapons of war,” made no secret of the fact that her goal is to “dry up the supply.” We know that Democrats have trouble understanding the basics of the free market, including the forces of supply and demand, and as demand for firearms surges, suppliers are giving notice that they intend to meet that demand.

Touring @magpul_hq tomorrow morning, invited @hickforco to join me so we can learn about unintended consequences of gun control leg #coleg

— Rep. Cory Gardner(@repcorygardner) February 21, 2013

Twitchy told you yesterday about Sen. Ted Cruz’s visit to Texas-based rifle manufacturer LaRue Tactical, where he called recent gun-grabbing efforts both “cynical” and “wrong.” Today, Rep. Cory Gardner toured Colorado’s Magpul Industries, which last week threatened to move out of the state following the Colorado House’s vote to enact a ban on magazines that can hold more than 15 rounds.


— Magpul Industries Co (@Magpul_HQ) February 15, 2013

We’re hearing some rumors that the Gov and the Dem caucus think we are bluffing.Just to clarify for them,…

— Magpul Industries Co (@Magpul_HQ) February 18, 2013

Here is the full version of our open letter printed in the Denver Post.

— Magpul Industries Co (@Magpul_HQ) February 18, 2013

In a press release, Magpul CEO Richard Fitzpatrick wrote, “Our company could not, in good conscience, continue to manufacture our products in a state where law-abiding citizens are prohibited from purchasing and owning them. The passage of this bill will do nothing to enhance public safety, but will force us to immediately begin taking our business to another state.” And no, he’s not bluffing, as he made clear in a post to Facebook.

We’re hearing some rumors that the Gov and the Dem caucus think we are bluffing. Just to clarify for them, then…we’re not a political company. We dont play political games. We’ve made our position very clear, very publicly. We would not survive lying to our customer base, nor would we ever consider it. If you pass this, we will leave, and you will own it. We’ve already got plans in place to get PMAG manufacturing moved rapidly, and the rest of the company will follow. We will make sure to at least have a small remain-behind operation through the 2014 elections so that we can remind folks why we are gone.

Plenty of other states have offered to welcome Magpul with open arms. Despite the invitations, Magpul management have said they want to stay in Colorado and keep jobs in the state. They also want to keep Colorado free, and have issued a sticker to spread the word.

Look for the new limited edition Free Colorado version of our American Manufacturing sticker around the state in…

— Magpul Industries Co (@Magpul_HQ) February 21, 2013

@magpul_hq @michellemalkin Not to worry, Texas is aleady Free and loves guns,jobs, and manufacturing.Just ask @governorperry for details.

— JD (@JDCoog71) February 21, 2013

Rick Perry Asks Gun-Parts Manufacturer Magpul To Move To Texas If Colorado Passes Gun-Control Bill… via @sharethis

— Anthony (@Libertyson25) February 21, 2013

@magpul_hq Arkansas is friendly to the 2nd Amendment. We have a Remington plant and would welcome your business!

— StateRep David Meeks (@DavidMeeks) February 18, 2013

@magpul_hq – See those people standing to your west waving and blowing kisses? Those are Utahns waiting for your “moving to” announcement.

— Mike St James (@MCTStJames) February 21, 2013

Come to OK! RT @nranews: South Carolina, Texas lure Colorado ammo magazine maker… #NRA (via @denverpost)

— Redness (@mchastain81) February 21, 2013

@magpul_hq We’ll be more than happy to have you in Wisconsin! cc: @govwalker @rebeccaforreal

— Doc Nelson (@DocNelson_68W) February 15, 2013

. @magpul_hq Come to Missouri! We’re firearm friendly! Move to SWMO! Springfield has several empty factories & welcome the work!

— Conservative Animal* (@ConserAnimal) February 17, 2013

@magpul_hq y’all come on down to South Carolina. Low taxes, warmer weather.

— Johnny Bravo (@gt24880a) February 19, 2013

@magpul_hq come to Texas! Doors are always open for a great company like Magpul. #Texas #landofthefree

— James Brown (@pimpnainteezy) February 19, 2013

@magpul_hq Come to VA we’d be glad to have you!

— Josh Sibley (@jsibley5792) February 21, 2013

@magpul_hq cross the boarder to oklahoma.Tulsa!!!

— xxx (@Nine78guy) February 21, 2013

More importantly, does Hickenlooper? RT @apkristenwyatt: Mississippi wants Magpul, too. #copolitics #coleg

— Colo Peak Politics (@COpeakpolitics) February 21, 2013

Look who else isn’t bluffing. Gov. Hickenlooper?

Attention #Magpul I will give you 5 acres on a 4 lane HWY if you move from Colorado to Texas. Just outside of Nacogdoches. I’m not bluffing!

— RC&Redskins (@Dudleyland) February 21, 2013

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