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FAIL: Hillary Clinton doubles down on latest mock-worthy idiocy with these 6 tweets –


Well, it’s pretty clear that Hillary Clinton thinks her own idiocy “makes no difference,” as she continues to double down on past failures. Just a sample of 5 recent tweets clearly shows that she never, ever learns. First up?

Good grief. She is AGAIN bragging about having the support of pro-abort nutter Wendy Davis.

Next came two more tweets doubling, or tripling down, on the absurd and bogus “stuff happens” quote — with ghoulish politicizing of a tragedy:

Pitiful and reprehensible, as always.

Then came this:

Once again, she doesn’t appear to know what the words citizenship or citizens mean. And she has no qualms about exposing herself as a fool.

And this last one is a doozy. Who is the REAL victim always? Why, Hillary Clinton herself, natch:

Simply absurd.

Worse? She then also retweeted this:

Oh, sweetie. On fire? If you mean on fire with mockery!

Keep tweeting, Hillary. We LOVE it.

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