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Fans go nuts over a 28-year-old getting drafted


Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden was taken by the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the NFL Draft. He is 28, which gives inspiration to aging athletes everywhere.

Speaking of Brandon Weeden, did you guys know he's 28?

— Mike McShane (@mcshanem) April 27, 2012!/whoaitsclaire/status/195698199665709057

Stop calling him a kid, he's 28 YEARS OLD!!!!

— Stephen Bradley (@bradley08) April 27, 2012

Holmgren knows QBs. Who cares if he's 28. He can freakin launch it.

— Nicolas Greenfield (@aluminic08) April 27, 2012

#NFLDraft he's 28 and a QB? he must be incredible

— Cha Cha (@ChaBella718) April 27, 2012

He's already on the clock. RT @boatical Except he's 28.

— Eric Knappenberger (@CavsWITNESS) April 27, 2012

"He's 28" is now trending on Twitter…lmao

— Mark Caswell, Jr. (@MarkCaswellJr) April 27, 2012

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