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Faux-mance: Ick prevails as Fauxcahontas Warren, Fluke gush over each other


Men need not apply, evidently.

Oh, the Faux-mance! Newly minted besties, Democrat Senate candidate Elizabeth “Sitting Bull” Warren and liberal tool Sandra Fluke met up today. That thought would be bad enough, but they had to up the ick by squeeing about it on Twitter.

[email protected]elizabethforma Couldn’t b prouder 2 stand w/ Elizabeth Warren b/c she’ll stand w/ #women all of the time not just some of the time! #masen

— Sandra Fluke (@SandraFluke) October 16, 2012

Kissy face! Hurl. Twitter users first pulled out their barf bags, then they brought the funny.

@elizabethforma Aw isn’t she just cute like a little squaw looking up to her tribal elder. @sandrafluke #masen

— BigRobbieStyle (@robharrison13) October 16, 2012

Heh. Maybe they exchanged Pow Wow Chow recipes!

@elizabethforma @sandrafluke Just askin’ – why is it wonderful to have Sandra Fluke. What has she actually done – save being called a name?

— monica lewis (@twitr_patter) October 16, 2012

Frauds of the same feather always stick together eh girls? @elizabethforma @sandrafluke

— just another mo(@JustAnotherMo) October 16, 2012

@elizabethforma @sandrafluke Wow 2 Liberal crazies in the same place touting the #Repubs war on women. #phonywaronwomen

— Paul Faulkner (@PaulFolklore1) October 16, 2012

—> RT @punditreview: Any woman proud to stand with the likes of Sandra Fluke is waging a war on women’s intelligence. What a joke. #masen

— Sister Toldjah (@sistertoldjah) October 16, 2012

@slattof @elizabethforma @sandrafluke does “all the time” include before birth?

— Kamilla Ludwig (@TheBraveLass) October 16, 2012

@mowpolitics913 @sandrafluke @elizabethforma and Cherokee Indians…don’t forget them.

— Murphy Is Lawless (@Murf_is_Lawless) October 16, 2012

Your faux-mance may be blooming, ladies, but Twitter users are just not that into you. But, thanks for the giggles! And thanks for something else, Sandra:

I’dlike to take this opportunity to thank @sandrafluke. She’s been helpful. MT @richardgrenell @davidjacksmith Women Push Romney Into Lead

— WilliamCope (@InManibusDei) October 16, 2012


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