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FBI investigates explosion near North Philadelphia train tracks


CBS Philly is reporting that FBI agents have joined Philadelphia police in investigating an explosion on a bridge passing over the Amtrak train tracks in the city’s Brewerytown neighborhood. Authorities have determined that the blast was not due to an exploding transformer, as originally suspected.

Suspicious Package Found on SEPTA Tracks: SEPTA says the package was found on the tracks at 30th and Cecil B….

— Philadelphia CP (@PhiladelphiaCP) February 2, 2013

Mayor Michael Nutter’s press secretary has tweeted that two persons of interest have been hospitalized following the blast, which left a 2-foot crater. reports:

“The bomb squad was called and determined that … there was an explosion of some kind creating a roughly two-foot deep crater,” Mayor Michael Nutter’s spokesman Mark McDonald said. “Police radio learned there were two males that were picked up by EMS in the area of the bridge and taken to Saint Joseph’s Hospital with minor injuries, scraps and cuts, injuries that possibly you might see with an explosion.”

Two-foot deep crater left by explosion on SEPTA overpass

— Breaking (@phillynews) February 2, 2013

BREAKING: Philadelphia police and FBI investigate an explosion in North Philadelphia near Amtrak tracks.

— Jason Whitely (@JasonWhitely) February 2, 2013

#BREAKING@cbsphilly Philly PD and the FBI are on scene at Cecil B Moore bridge after a small explosion disrupts rail travel

— Joshua Crompton (@PhillyNewsGuy) February 2, 2013

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Update: Philadelphia police now say the explosion was a freak accident.

Philly Police now say it was NOT an explosive device, but a freak accident explosion- a “thermal rxn”- I’ll explain @ 11PM @nbcphiladelphia

— Rosemary Connors (@RosemaryConnors) February 2, 2013

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