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Gamers gunning for David Axelrod over objection to violent TV spot


As the first scraps of information about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter — many of them incorrect — began to emerge online Friday afternoon, video game enthusiasts were dismayed to see headlines identifying Adam Lanza as an avid gamer.

Many found a violent, gun-filled ad for the film “Gangster Squad” broadcast during Sunday’s Colts-Texans game in poor taste, and former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod was similarly troubled by a post-game spot for the M-rated video game, “Hitman: Absolution.” Gamers were about as happy to be linked to gun violence as responsible gun owners are, and they let Axelrod know it, sometimes in violent terms.

@davidaxelrod shouldn’t you SHUT THE FUCK UP! You want an outlet of blame so you point to games rather than the government, the true source.

— Brian Maldonado (@Brizzy_Bear) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod Take a big step back and literally fuck your own face.

— Paul Haffely (@Nogib) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod you’re a dumb fuck. Video games have nothing to do with it. You should spend some time with Sandusky, faggot bitch

— Povich, Maury (@bootysweaat) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod Maybe try passing some gun control legislation you coward, oh and kindly STFU.

— Mitch Lake (@mlake9) December 17, 2012

Evil happens and you FUCKS want to control EVERYTHING. DONT you? Pathetic. DISGUSTING. @davidaxelrod

— Harry(@Tark31) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod I thought you were a smart man, but I guess not. Video games don’t make people do violent things you idiot.

— Berny Marcus (@Ratchetfan3) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod How about we worry about violent people in general, and not focus on VIDEO GAMES and other cheap, useless scapegoats, hmmm?

— DragonRift (@DragonRift) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod sorry you’re way off base..whats next ban ads for violet movies & TV? its BS & not something I’d expect from an educated man

— Sean Good (@goodbar_ca) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod shouldn’t we also come the the realization that a sprite on the screen is not a human being? Go blame something else.

— addicted to youtube (@adicted2youtube) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod excuse me but doesn’t the government you work for kill innocent people for oil with the excuse of terrorism? Hypocrite…

— Renzo Lazarte (@Renoxzor) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod Would a game involving the death or foreign children via Drone Attack be more to your liking?

— Rob Penco (@pencotron) December 17, 2012

@jaketapper @davidaxelrod Seems pretty stupid to think the average person sees a commercial, or plays a video game, then murders people

— Jeff Hardacker (@hardacker) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod BLAMING VIDEO GAMES IS A COP OUT. They also have Call of Duty in Australia and GB. THINK!

— David Lovekamp (@D_Love) December 17, 2012

Hey, Occupods! Your heroes at Team Obama are coming for your videogames!MT @davidaxelrodShouldn’t we quit marketing murder as a game?

— Michael Graham (@MGraham969) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod Please opine on banning violent football games. Battered wives all over America are waiting with bated breath.

— Jim Law (@jimrl) December 17, 2012

You heard @davidaxelrod, gamers.You’re next!

— David Hines (@hradzka) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod the O campaign had no problem taking money from Hollywood and others that glorify the murder culture.

— Jonathan (@3ftswell) December 17, 2012

@pegobry @davidaxelrod I saw an ad for “Django Unchained” that was full of guns too. Let’s outlaw movie violence in the same bill! #idiots

— paul rinkes (@pr9000) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod Thanks mom but I’d rather decide for myself.

— Josh N (@fitdabattle) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod I blame chess as the origin for violence in society. Regicide isn’t cool, kids.

— Free Radical (@Free_Radical1) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod violent video games dont make school shootings. Lieberman was wrong after columbine and you and @arifleisher are wrong now

— Sam Barrows (@barrows350) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod Bullshit. Gun control too hard? Too much easy access to mental health services doesn’t sound as sexy?

— Matt (@MattPalm) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod you do realize, your future seal team sixers are the ones playing those games, along with your Drone pilots. Think about it

— TahoeNeely (@TahoeNeely) December 17, 2012

Axelrod wasn’t completely alone in his opinion. Will a closer look at violent video games become part of the nation’s “conversation” on guns?

@davidaxelrod 100% agree. For the sick/evil, they see life as their shoot ‘em up game. The violence exposed in the games HAS to contribute

— Sam (@sgoeb) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod I agree.These games r hypnotic.The right trigger 4 an unstable person could easily cause events like recent mass shootings!

— harriet mathieu(@mamarocks54) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod Probably the only thing I’ll ever agree with you on.

— DC Dude (D) (@DCDude1776) December 17, 2012

@davidaxelrod Agree! Makes me cringe watching sports with my 4 yr old.

— Josh Kaplan (@joshdkap) December 17, 2012

Those old enough to remember the efforts of the PMRC in the 1980s couldn’t help but be reminded of a certain former second lady.

@davidaxelrod amen! We mock God when we trivialize the gift of life He gave to us!!Tipper was right!

— Dianna Wentz (@DiannaWentz) December 17, 2012

You’re a little off, Tipper. MT @davidaxelrod In NFL post-game an ad for shoot ‘em up game. Shouldn’t we quit marketing murder as a game?

— Ryan (@RTMcNeely) December 17, 2012

Here’s a TV spot for the game.

@davidaxelrod Must be a popular game in Chicago

— scott (@bakerinCA) December 18, 2012

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