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Get Supermarket Savvy And Save Money With These 15 Shopping Tips.


Supermarkets and grocery stores provide the sustenance we need, but don’t be fooled. They’re also out to make a buck (or a hundred). A lot of them will try anything to trick you into buying more than you need. (Or even worse, paying more for less than what you need.)

Don’t worry, thought, we’ve got your back. Take a look at these tips before your next trip to the store and watch as your receipts shrink without your stomach going empty.

1. Or better, just grab a basket.

2. Keep a list of your most frequently purchased items and compare those as well.

3. The vibrant colors in the produce section, usually near the entrance, are enticing, but don’t let them rope you in.

4. Of course it’s better to ditch something closer to where you found it, don’t be intimidated into getting something you don’t actually need.

5. Stores typically play slow-tempo music to keep you dragging down the aisles, so pump up some jams of your own.

6. The plainer packaging makes it less pricey.

7. Butchers, bakers and florists usually don’t mind throwing in a little extra. Doesn’t hurt to ask!

8. Some stores will allow you to order baked goods as far as month in advance, so take advantage of sales timing ahead of your event.

9. They have to get it off their hands anyhow, might as well ask!

10. Make sure the price on the sales tag is the same as the display.

11. Selecting individual produce can be cheaper than by-the-pound and easier to check for any defects.

12. Sometimes this so-called deal actually RAISES the item’s price.

13. These areas are used to promote whatever company gave them the money to be promoted, not the best deal.

14. The deli raises the price of thawed versus frozen, and usually it’s all the same stuff.

15. From a butcher himself: “We’ve had people buy one big roast and have us remove the bone for soup, run half of it through the grinder for hamburger, and cut the rest into a pot roast. That can save you about 30 percent compared with buying everything cut.”

(via The Kitchn)

Who knows what they’ll come up with next, but for now you’re fully prepared to kick some deli counter butt. It’s always a good idea to go into a store with a plan. Also, never, ever, EVER shop when you’re hungry. That just makes for a disastrous bill.

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